Best Live Music Event 2007: Musimmersion with Grace McDunnough
"Musimmersion" demonstrates the rich potential for live music performances in virtual worlds.                                      - Rik's Top Ten Second Life Events

The Cirque du Soleil of Second Life.    
                               - Dizzy Banjo

In addition to being one of the few who really “get” Second Life, virtual worlds, and new media in general, Grace is also a terrific guitar player and singer.  Combining both areas of expertise, she has created “MUSIMMERSION” - an event that is to SL concerts what Cirque de Soleil is to acrobatics.                                                                    - Really, Xerox

Words cannot describe exactly what she did any more than still pictures can. So much was down to movement, effects and the interactive nature of the new world, not to mention her personal interpretation of the music she chose for the show. It was, dare I say it, a “trip”, in the sense we used to use the expression.                                                       - Malburns Second Arts          

Musimmersion: the future of live music in Second Life? 

The magic of music is its capacity to evoke in us an imaginary world and, through the temporary experience, the audience can explore and feel intense emotions. An attempt like
Musimmersion places an easel, brush, code, and perhaps a pen, in the hands of the musician.

  The future of live musical performances, whatever that will be, is likely to hold a mix of incredible art, scripting, and unique musical talents, which should make us take another look at McDunnough's vision, “We are in the age of a new renaissance - the emergence of a technically capable creative class.”
                                                                                 - NewWorldNotes