Experience what it feels like to break through the fourth wall... attend the next Musimmersion.


Musimmersion is an original live music production by Grace McDunnough - it's a musical journey, a performance art experience, a tiny peek into a vision for the future of experiencing music in virtual worlds.

The first production of Musimmersion was selected Best Live Music Event in Rik's Top Ten Second Life Events and the second production quickly became a "must see" event for 2009.

You can learn more about it here, or read some reviews below.

Musimmersion: the future of live music in Second Life? 

The magic of music is its capacity to evoke in us an imaginary world and, through the temporary experience, the audience can explore and feel intense emotions. An attempt like
Musimmersion places an easel, brush, code, and perhaps a pen, in the hands of the musician.

  The future of live musical performances, whatever that will be, is likely to hold a mix of incredible art, scripting, and unique musical talents, which should make us take another look at McDunnough's vision, “We are in the age of a new renaissance - the emergence of a technically capable creative class.”
                                                                                 - NewWorldNotes

Music by its basic nature is a communication medium that can touch a range of senses and ways of knowing, and the best of music moves us into interior spaces where the world takes on hues and dimensions that can cast fresh light on our everyday experience. Musimmersion accomplishes that in a Second Life ground-breaking way.                              - Tara Incognito         

Grace McDunnough and her MUSIMMERSION is genius. Using the strongest elements of SL and live music performance, Grace takes you on a musical journey into the heart of each song as the crowd is literally transported into a new environment reflecting the story and imagery of each tune. Add to that that her performances are super strong, a great selection of songs, beautifully detailed sets and you have a winner.                   - HATHEAD Snaps

From Machinima artist Chantal Harvey

Artist Bryn Oh Highlights Musimmersion
When I went to see Mummersion by Grace McDunnough, I was impressed. I picked this one as my number nine because they have recognized the unique possibilities of performing in second life and used them to their advantage.  Its a next step, a progression which this virtual world allows and was only waiting for someone with vision to take advantage of.  - Bryn Oh

Musimmersion is a Grace McDunnough production.